The Process of Mead Making

Mead making is a culture that connects mead makers with mead drinkers, flowing waters, and floral landscapes. Healthy honey bees collect nectar from flowers within a 5 mile radius around the beehive. The bees then bring the nectar back to the hive to make honey. The mead maker combines honey, water, and yeast in various proportions to produce a nearly infinite variety of mead. This is an ancient art and science re-emerging in the modern craft beverage market.
Mead culture is built around the flavorful, floral fermentation of this revitalizing ancient beverage.

Honey bee on cone flower. Photo: Danesha Seth Carley.

Honey Harvesting

After the honeybees produce the best local honey we can find, it is harvested raw and unfiltered to make Wild Nectar Mead.

Must Making

The honey is added to water to create the ‘must’.


After yeast is added to the must in the fermenter, the mead magic happens.

Bottling and Kegging

After fermentation and filtration, Wild Nectar Mead is bottled or kegged to enjoy.

Message from Mead Maker

Enjoying mead can be one of life’s greatest and most rejuvenating pleasures. There is a time and place for all of our meads. You can choose from our mead menu to find the perfect match for your seasonal mead need. Year-round our traditional wild nectar mead offers complex, floral aromas while sparkling the palate with undertones of honey and honeycomb. Our wild medicinal meads offer a new reason in each season. For example, our Spruced Up Mead and the Elderberry Spruce Mead are especially good in the Winter months to bolster the immune system and elevate the spirit. With Wild Nectar Mead, one can enhance the overall vitality and health. All of our meads can facilitate life affirming new cultural traditions around mead when consumed in moderation. For example, in the Wild Nectar Mead club we will enjoy playing music, dancing, and creative pursuits to explore the local natural world while learning how to restore pollinator habitat to maintain honeybee health.

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